Following her BFA, Janet Taylor took a brief but engaging thirty-year detour into graphic design, interactive media and photography. In 2016 Janet returned to fine art and has been building her studio practice since then. Her work is in collections in Canada, the US and the UK, and has been seen in Style at Home and Uppercase magazines, and on HGTV Home Tours.

After 30 years in the Toronto area, Janet is following her heart and moving her studio to Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, at the beginning of August.


Artist Statement

All of my work draws from my close observations of our physical world. Lines and shapes distilled from nature become a visual language for making abstract works that explore our connections with each other and with nature. I am seeking visual stories of calm and unity–the beauty of the world and the shared truths of our lives.

Working in acrylic and mixed media, I use gesture to describe shape, but also to express action and emotion. I work in layers of painting and drawing, iterating and responding, celebrating the joy of chance, the beauty of expression, and the mystery of concealment and revelation. Slowly each painting accumulates meaning, narrative and texture.

Each painting is a personal interaction between myself and the process, a remembered moment of my own story, but I hope that the viewer will find resonances with the stories in their own lives.


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